I found this great little Foot Rest.

I can remember going on a boys weekend away up to the farm and deciding that while all the other blokes would be roughing it in swags, I would relax on my queen size hammock. It was a gem, Metal tubular frame, simply open it up, strech it out, connect the spring to the frame and I was in business. The next morning when everyone was complaining about how hard it was to sleep on the floor, and my back ache, head ache, foot ache, I was relaxed and fresh and the envy of all.

Well I have done it again, this time I have found an amazing foot rest hammock designed to clip to your office desk and it lets you put your feet up and relax. Such a simple idea and very effective.

Fuut Rest

Visit there website: http://connectdesign.co.kr/front/php/product.php?product_no=616