Review: VFAS

To correctly identify foot problems you need to follow a system.  The Vertical Foot Alignment System was created by Neil Smith C.Ped.Au. The Vertical Foot Alignment System (VFAS) is a device that allows you to control, correct and capture the optimal biomechanical position of the feet whilst the patient is standing – ie weight-bearing.


Neil’s clinic in Marrickville solely makes Orthotics using The Foot Alignment System. This patented device allows us to correct and align your feet while you stand,giving you an Orthotic that is extremely comfortable and accurate.

Lets look at the description: Accurate.
What makes the process so Accurate?

    • The Patient is weight bearing. not lying down. Therefore the shape of the foot is or can be corrected for casting.
    • The VFAS Machine is adjusted by the practitioner showing correction requirements. All angles and arch shape are adjusted.
    • The VFAS can be used for orthotic casting or Foot Aligners. Footaligners are heated and manipulated for an exact fit live by the patient using the VFAS. When the footaligners are cooled the orthotic is created and only requiring a strength layer to be attached.

The VFAS is unique in its simplicity, and I think it will become a more common occurance as Neil is now developing a Physio Therapy CPD course for practicing physio therapists in Sydney NSW. To get in contact with Neil, following the link to his website,

VFAS Process